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WELCOME Hello, I'm Jacques Du Coeur, creator of Spirit Wind Publications and author of the e-book The WIND and the WAVES . This inspirational and informative book is my personal story of God's amazing love, power and faithfulness. On this website and in my book I will endeavor to give satisfying answers to some of life's most fundamental and perplexing questions. Here are some examples:

The Power of Forgiveness

Who Should Read The WIND and the WAVES? Anyone interested in finding answers to life's difficult questions and the true source of the power to forgive. Especially those that have ever suffered from divorce, depression, grief, the death of a loved one or anxiety . The answers found on this website may be life changing and give you the ability to live a more forgiving, joyful, overcoming life.

This site is for truth seekers of all kinds, so don't assume that you already know all the answers. You may be surprised to find new and better answers to some of the age old questions that mankind has always asked.

Jacques Du Coeur

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